Why Pallandrome


“Having worked closely with Alla Ioffe for many years, I can recommend her capabilities with great enthusiasm. Alla is unusually intelligent, focused, and hardworking. She is administratively-gifted, follows-through on her promises, and seeks excellence in all she does. Her social grace, forthright communication, courage and creativity make her an enormous asset to any team or venture. Whether you are looking for executive insight, managerial competence, or breakthrough collaboration, Alla will be a gift to you and your organization.” – Dr. Dan Meyer, Emmy Award winner and Senior Pastor of Chirst Church of Oak Brook

“I’ve known Alla for several years and have been a first-hand witness to her energy, vision, and passion. She impresses many with her ability to think big and long-term yet focus on executing the smallest of details. The events her company delivers are unique, entertaining, and memorable. And because she has built an impressive network, ranging from entrepreneurs and artists to professors and Fortune 500 CEOs, being at a Pallandrome event means meeting interesting people and creating valuable relationships.” – Raman Chadha, Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship at DePaul University, Former Director of DePaul’s Coleman Entrepreneurship Center

“I have worked with Alla Ioffe for a number of years and have enjoyed my association with her for all that time. She not only has good ideas but she carries through and gets the projects completed. She is very reliable and does what she promises to do. And, best of all, she is not afraid to tackle the complicated or uncomfortable situations. A great problem solver.” – Maureen Beal, CEO National Van Lines

Our Philosophy

An event is a message in the form of a series of moments. Moments are experiences, and experiences become memories. Those moments, experiences, and memories can never be un-had. They can never be un-experienced. The best way to reach your customers, employees, and friends is to share in those moments and create lasting memories together.

Our Approach

Our business acumen, extensive network of partnering businesses, and ardent need to strive toward perfection has allowed us to solve problems from a multitude of perspectives, offering keen solutions to the most difficult dilemmas. Our clients don’t just receive event planning, marketing, or promotional services. We offer an integrated approach that is custom developed for your business by fellow business people who have been in your shoes and understand not just the components, but your entire vision.

Pallandrome Events offers a 4-step problem solving approach as well as a wide network of connections to develop custom solutions for our clients. Our partnership with our clients comes full circle.

our approach diagram - analysis, strategy, execution

  1. First we determine the goal. We envision “what winning looks like” and analyze the possible solutions.
  2. Next we develop a comprehensive strategy to get there.
  3. Then we execute. Pallandrome is uniquely equipped to ensure flawless strategic execution. Because of our network of partnering businesses, we can offer execution by experts that specialize in your specific need.
  4. The last step is another round of analysis. Together, we examine the plan, the execution, and the results to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the results.
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